rediscovering my roots

As a child, I spent most of my time reading and playing video games with my family. I loved the escape of fantasy worlds more than anything.

I abandoned reading for pleasure when I got older and dove into academia. I thought my future was in museums. I duel majored in Anthropology and Near Eastern Civilizations at the University of Michigan before moving to California where I received my MA in Museum Studies from the University of San Francisco. I had dreams of writing exhibition scripts, of curating, of taking part in the dissemination of knowledge I believe so deeply in. 

I spent time living this dream, and felt the conflict of unfulfillment. I was furloughed because of COVID and felt absolutely lost for the first time.

I had been moving so fast on a one-way track for so many years that I couldn't see any other possible destination upon derailment. I went back to the sanctuary of libraries to transport me somewhere else.

I fell in love with reading again. I played video games again. I remembered what it was like to write for myself again. I started this company.

In person, I often find myself lost in my own thoughts and unable to respond verbally. It's through writing that I string my swirling ideas together into a woven masterpiece.