Frequently asked questions

Do you offer set pricing packages instead of hourly rates?

Yes! I'm happy to chat about your preferred payment style through email or a video call. That said, it's always good to remember that a writer spends time doing other things than just writing - researching, brainstorming, editing, UX - and the price will reflect that, not the word count.

What does the name Top Knot Copy even mean?

Well, back in the day, I started this business with my best friend. At the time, we just did copywriting for entrpreneurs and small businesses. We're also known for rocking top knots while sipping whiskey together. Hence the ultra-cute name, top knot copy.
Since then, the company has evolved and changed, but as a storyteller, I'm a sappy fool and don't want to let the name go. The name is in and of itself a story. Where would I be without the countless hours Amber & I spent building Top Knot? Or without her in general (love you bb). So yeah.

How long will it take you to write a script?

That depends on a few things: the scope of the project, length of the script, how organized your materials are, and the amount of UX you'd like me to do, if any.

Is the mug you're holding on the homepage empty?

It is currently as I type this. At the time of the photograph, though, it had tea in it. Specifically, Trader Joe's English Breakfast. Not as good as their Irish Breakfast, if you're curious.

What genre do you write?

Allll the types.
To date, I've written fantasy, romance, sci-fi, mystery, and the dryer technical stuff that goes with rules and such.
If I was forced to take a truth serum and asked what my favorite genre to write was, I'd tell you fantasy.

What types of games do you write?

Any and all, my friend. I've worked on scan-and-play dungeon crawlers, apps, corporate team-building, and reality-virtual blending.

What's the difference between scriptwriting, content writing, and copywriting?

Scriptwriting is the good stuff—the dialogue, plot, NPC backstories, long beautiful prose. Content writing = your blogs, newsletters, and articles. Copywriting = social media posts, rule books, discord & steam content, etc.

I like your style. Do you write content & copy for non-game makers?

Sure do. I have ample experience writing for nonprofits, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Why can't my designer or developer do my game writing?

They might be able to write some of the content, but take a look at their workload and fiction writing skills, and you'll probably realize it's not feasible to expect them, or yourself, to do all the writing.