10 Reasons To Consider Updating That Old Website Copy

Hello sweet angels (or salty vampires, reader’s choice), and welcome to Top Knot Copy’s second blog trilogy. This trio of posts is all about one of the utmost important tools for your business - Website Copy!

Cue fireworks to drown out the groans.

It might feel like a hassle to constantly be giving your website attention, but your site is a needy little creature for a reason - it’s a major pillar in the foundation of your company. The place where new viewers and old friends gather to decide if they want what you’re offering.

This blog trilogy will cover:

1. Why you need to update your old web copy

2. Writing web copy for service-based companies vs product-based ones

3. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short

If you’re wondering why 2 & 3 aren't links to the other two blogs it’s because you’re a speedy one and they haven’t dropped yet. Hold tight, my love, and check back later in July.

But you’re not here for those topics anyways (although now that you’ve read their titles you might be thinking they’re a good idea), you’re here for the website revamp talk.

Without further adieu, here are Top Knot Copy’s top 10 reasons to dust the cobwebs off those 2016 words and get to writing something fresh.

1. Your Followers Want To Know What’s Happening In Your Business’s Life

Your company is evolving and changing every day. You’re offering new services, celebrating milestones, and gaining new employees. Believe it or not, your audience loves to read about this, and not just on social media. Your website is prime real estate for new testimonials, successful projects, and current undertakings.

No one should visit your site and read the same content they read six months ago. It makes potential clients wonder if your business is up to date or behind the times like your website. The ultimate goal of your site is to drive traffic and build your audience, so you need to have copy that relays to them that you’re living in the same world they are.

2. The Mobile World Is Changing How We View Websites

50% of your website visitors are viewing your site from their phones. That doesn’t even include other mobile devices like tablets and e-readers. That means over HALF of your audience is looking at your website from a mobile device. Now, ask yourself if you’ve done that recently. How does it look?

We often think mobile-friendly is a design problem, but it’s a copy problem too. If your copy wasn’t written with mobile in mind, chances are your viewers aren’t reading anything you wrote because the huge blocks of text on their screen discourages them. Or worse, they can’t find any call to actions, headlines, or navigation tools because it’s all a bit bland and runs together on the small screen.

3. Marketers Are Updating Their Sites

Hubspot’s 2020 State of Marketing Report found that 63% of marketers were going to make website upgrades in 2020. You might not be a marketer yourself, but we all know that marketers are the experts of marketing. It’s sorta their thing. If marketers know that updating is the right move, then it's safe to say it’s something you should place on the top of your to-do list.

You’re technically dabbling in the marketing business anyways. Your website is alive and running because you’re marketing your service or product to your audience. Chances are your competitors have caught on and are starting their updates, too. The question is, will you fall behind the competition with outdated web copy?

4. Keep Up With SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to how high your website, blogs, landing pages, etc., are listed on search engines like Google. You can’t talk about website copy without mentioning SEO. It’s so damn important that we’ve dedicated an entire blog to it.

Copy is the foundation of SEO, the main tool Google uses to determine if you’re relevant or not. Updating your copy with appropriate keywords and phrases will help bump your site higher in searches. Not to mention the “freshness” of your content is taken into account when Google is scoring your website.

Think about, when’s the last time you went past the first two pages on Google to find what you were looking for?

5. Society Is Calling For Transparency

People can be total garbage. Companies can be money-hungry pits of oppression. And the world is sick of it. Your audience wants to know that they’re buying into something good, or at least a company dedicated to working towards good. The days of trusting big conglomerates are gone. Flushed down the drain, good riddance.

Your website copy should be honest about what you stand for and transparent about your goals. This might mean airing your dirty laundry and mistakes, including steps you’re taking to make it right, or other truth-telling statements. Consider adding a mission statement or pledge that lets people know you care about the state of society and intend to help make a difference.

6. Headlines Hold The Power

When you’re browsing through twenty different websites trying to find a service or product that’s right for you, headlines become very important. No one wants to comb through tons of text to find what they need. You need multiple headlines sprinkled throughout your web pages to grab your viewer’s attention. These headlines need to be CLEAR so your visitor knows what they’re looking at and UNIQUE enough to pique their interest.

A tea company with a headline that reads NEW GINGER AND TURMERIC TEA might be clear, but it’s missing the mark for most viewers because they don’t know why they should care about it. On the other hand, one that reads WAVE GOODBYE TO INFLAMMATION AND INVITE UP A FLAVOR-PACKED TEA INSTEAD can catch the attention of groups looking for anti-inflammatory teas, anyone interested in a flavorful brew, and those who simply love a company with some personality.

7. We’re Craving Fun & Creative Call To Actions

Similarly to your headlines, it might be time to give your call to actions (CTA) a copy overhaul. Bland buttons and forms like ‘Learn More’, or ‘Sign Up’ are overused and underwhelming. Spice it up with some humor, sass, or wit. Let the copy explain what’s going on and the CTA get them to click.

I’ll be honest, themes are also fun and get me almost every time. A kickboxing gym leaning into a rock theme could use ‘Take Me To The Top’ instead of ‘View Services’ and ‘Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid’ instead of ‘Purchase Package.’

8. Copy That Lacks A Clear Message Misses Out On Clients

This goes back to the recurring theme of this blog. If your visitors can’t find what they’re looking for, or can’t even figure out what it is that you do, they’re going to pass your website right by.

Take a moment to pretend that you’re not you. That you’re not deep into the world of your business. Now read your website and ask yourself if your copy tells visitors what the heck you offer and explains exactly why they need it. You might know what a copywriter does and why it's hella helpful to a busy business, but others out there in the world don’t.

9. Your Brand & Personality Should Shine

I doubt we have to tell you that knowing and projecting your brand is a vital part of your company. If your website doesn’t convey your brand, you’re not going to look committed to it. And if you’re not committed, why should your viewers be?

The same goes for your personality! People want to know that there’s a human (or 20!) on the other end. They want to see real people working, thriving, and running that business. New visitors to your site need to get a clear sense of who you are as a business. If the only thing they can find is a vague ‘About Me,’ they might pass you up for something with a bit more personality.

10. Website Copy Is REALLY Important

We’ll say it again in case you skipped the blog intro and went straight to the top 10 reasons. We don’t blame you, it’s totally okay, that’s why we’re repeating it. Your website is a major pillar in the foundation of your company. It's what convinces consumers who have just stumbled upon your site, were referred by a friend, or are considering using your services again, that you’re the person for them. Updated website copy shows that you’re dedicated to your company - and they should be, too.

So, let your followers know who you are, what you stand for, and probably most importantly, what you can do for them. We connect more with companies that feel like people are driving their goals, not money. Your website should be an up-to-date reflection of you, your company’s voice, and your brand.